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There is no excuse not to train!

The demand for ammunition is high and costs are even higher, but you cannot allow this to prevent you from training. We should all be dry firing daily. Dedicate 15 or more minutes a day to focused undisturbed dry firing training. Keep it simple and use a simple routine. Practice drawing, then practice drawing and presenting the firearm towards the target. Then, drawing, presenting, and aligning your sights and acquiring a sight picture. Add in trigger control drills ensuring you are focusing on what the front sight or red dot is doing while you are pressing the trigger to the rear. Make note of any issues such as your sights are pushing left or possibly pulling right. You should be able to see the sights while pulling the trigger. Lastly, get in 25 reload drills working on efficiency and then time.

All of this costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. Shooting is a perishable skill and weapons handling skills can be lost and need to be refreshed often. Attending a class here and there is not sufficient and will not keep your skills fresh. Consistent dry fire with routine training is what is required. The biggest issue is “most of us have limited time to train”. The reality is, we all have time, we just have to make time!

Start dry firing 15 mins a day and you will see marked improvement and an increase in confidence.



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