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Paraclete Consulting Group 

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Paraclete Consulting Group's 360 Shooter Program starts February 2024 and runs monthly throughout the year. The program is for all levels of shooters covering fundamental to advanced level pistol and carbine skills in reality-based scenarios. Our goal is to achieve advanced level marksmanship skills in a realistic learning environment. The program includes low light pistol and carbine, close quarters tactics, NVG live fire and non-lethal and medical care under fire training. We look forward to training with you in our 360 shooter program.




2/10/2024 1PM-5PM ORD: 360 Shooter Pistol Speed Clinic

2/24/2024 3PM-11PM NVG Night Operator 1 - Live Fire

3/9/2024 2PM-10PM 360 Shooter: Low Light Critical Skills Carbine

3/30/2024 9AM-5PM 360 Shooter: Medical Care Under Fire 1

4/13/24 1PM-9PM 360 Shooter Close Quarters Tactics Force on Force (Non-Lethal)

4/27/28/2024 9AM-5PM 360 Shooter 2-Day Performance Pistol & Carbine

5/11/2024 9AM-5PM Handgun Fundamentals

5/22,23,24/2024 9AM-5PM TCOLE T3P: Train The Trainer Pistol Instructor Course

5/25/2024 12PM-4PM ORD: 360 Shooter Pistol Speed Clinic

6/29/2024 9AM-5PM 360 Shooter: 2- Day Survival Pistol & Carbine

7/13/2024 9AM-5PM ORD: 360 Shooter Carbine Speed Clinic

7/27/2024 9AM-5PM 360 Shooter Vehicle Defensive Pistol

8/10/2024 9AM-5PM 360 Shooter: Medical Care Under Fire 2

8/24/2024 9AM-5PM Home Defender Pistol CQT Force on Force (Non-Lethal)


9/28/2024 10AM-2PM ORD: 360 Shooter Pistol Marksmanship Mobility Clinic

10/5/2024 9AM-8PM 360 Shooter: Medical Care Under Fire 3 Low Light

10/19/2024 9AM-5PM 360 Shooter Vehicle Defensive Pistol

11/9/2024 2PM-10PM 360 Shooter: Handheld Low Light Pistol

11/16/2024 2PM-10PM 360 Shooter: Low Light Vehicle Defensive Skills

12/14/2024 3PM-11PM NVG Night Operator 2 Course - Live Fire

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Dynamics Firearms Training LLC


Whether you are law enforcement or military looking to improve gunfighting skills, or a civilian in need of training for home defense or competition use, Caballero Dynamics strives to deliver the appropriate amount of training to match the shooter’s needs.

Jaime Spencer Owner, Primary Instructor Bio

  • Career Army Infantry Soldier with 22 years of experience teaching and training basic and advanced marksmanship.

  • DPS certified License to Carry instructor

  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer

  • Attended Mountain Leaders Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Course

  • Trained designated marksmen during first Afghan deployment

  • Augmented sniper teams while serving overseas

  • Multiple overseas tours; Afghanistan x 2 and Iraq x 2

  • Experienced with urban operations

  • Trained and led several personnel security detachments while serving overseas

  • Coached a team that won 1st place in Regionals 2017 for Rifle Marksmanship

  • Numerous military accolades to include the Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medal with Valor

  • Avid Competitor for 3-gun, 2-gun, Biathlon, and Tactical Games

  • Provided training for several South Texas Police departments


Jaime enjoys the teaching and learning experience, and lives to see students grow as shooters. He strives to create safe, proficient, and confident shooters, whether it’s for personal defense or recreation.  His pet peeves are wasting ammo, instead he strives to instill lasting drills that the student can take home and reinforce a lifetime of enhanced marksmanship.


Green Ops



Green Ops is a veteran owned and operated consulting company that has been offering specialized firearms and security training since 2005. 

Our mission is to provide students with the same level of training given to military and law enforcement special operations units. Why should your training be any less special?

We have the experience to teach you to operate your firearms proficiently and to do so with tactical proficiency in a defensive situation.


On average, both civilian CCW carriers and law enforcement professionals train and qualify in firearms skills at a far lower rate than career criminals. Average training is not enough to win when faced with a real firefight. 


Our training is designed to bridge the gap between insufficient standard requirements and what you really need to succeed in the field.

We teach advanced tactical techniques and drill our students until speed, accuracy, balance, and precision become second nature.

Director of Training and Lead Instructor: Matt Mcguire

MattMcguire .jpg

Loyall Nine



Loyall Nine was founded as a platform for continued service, and is a veteran owned and operated training and consulting company dedicated to imparting critical knowledge and skills gained over decades of real-world special operations experience. Our courses take valuable lessons and training from our tactical and medical backgrounds and arrange them into parallel skill sets for civilian use.


Glenn W. Hansen - Founder – SEAL   


Glenn Hansen was born in Port Aransas, Texas, and grew up in San Antonio. He entered the Navy the day after his 18th birthday, and served 22 Years as a US Navy SEAL, with multiple combat deployments, deploying eight times to Iraq, Afghanistan, and CENTCOM. Glenn is a certified Master Training Specialist and founder and CEO of The Wilderness Company.


​​Nate Rose - Founder – SEAL | Paramedic   

Nate spent nearly a decade in the Navy, serving in Naval Special Warfare as a SEAL with multiple combat deployments to the middle east. Following the military, Nate served eight years in emergency services as a Firefighter/Paramedic. 


Justin Green - Head Of Ops – Competitive Shooter & Instructor

Justin has spent over 6 years shooting competitively in a variety of competitive sports including USPSA and The Tactical Games.  As well he has spent over 5 years in the Training & Security Consulting space with other well known companies.   He is a USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor and has instructed alongside law enforcement officers and trained law enforcement from various agencies.   

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