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Owner of Her own Firearm and Safety Instruction Services

NRA Instructor and Coach

NRA Chief Range Safety Office

Texas License to Carry Instructor

USCCA Instructor

A Girl & A Gun A-Team Leadership San Antonio Texas Northwest Chapter

Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home

Pistol Rifle Shotgun Airgun

Defensive Pistol and Self Defense

Home Firearm Safety

Guest Speaker

Situational Awareness Trainer

Survival Habits and Techniques

4-H FFA Project Show Sponsor

Bible Study Teacher

Insurance Agent


Small Business Start-Up Advisor

Strong in her Faith and Belief that Building on a Solid Foundation is the Key to Success.

Quotes by Alison

“In Shooting, Safety is the Foundation from which all defensive techniques are built on”. AAdams

“ When shooting at further distances, the Gun and the Ammo have no idea you just distanced yourself further from the target. So, stick to the fundamentals, raise your gun to the target, focus on the front sight, and press the trigger. The Gun and the ammo will do the rest”. AAdams

“One can never par take of tooo much training......

Always train .... and train, moving towards your next challenge.” AAdams

“Don’t tell em what you know. Show em what they will soon know”. AAdams

Her Favorite Quotes from Others:

When you’re green, you’re growing. When you Ripen, you begin to rot“.

Ray Croc

“The only way to begin, Is begin”.

Benjamin Franklin

Alison Adams

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