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Time to pick up your access card!

Hello members!

If you have not picked up your access card, please review the dates and times below and swing by to pick up your card.

Thursday March 25th 4pM-6PM

Friday March 26th 4PM-6PM

Saturday March 27th 10AM-12PM

Please stop by during these time blocks and check in at the Range 4 connex . If you just signed up and are dropping off your membership agreement, be sure to bring it with you along with your banking information. An application has to be delivered before collecting an access card.

Simply scan your card on the card readers at the entry and exit points at the main gate. This card is registered to you or your family and per the terms and agreement, cards will never be shared or loaned out to anyone not on your plan. One card is issued to each member or family. Don't forget, there is a $25 fee for replacing lost or damaged cards.

Non-members are allowed to visit the facility and train with you however they MUST purchase a “Day Pass”. The guest is required to log into and acknowledge the safety rules, range rules and the safety waiver BEFORE ENTERING THE PROPERTY. For liability reasons, the guest must complete this prior to visiting. Each guest must be escorted by their host member at all times. The host member and the guest assume full responsibility for their safety and actions.

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