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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The range construction is underway and we are ahead of schedule. Memberships will go on sale in the next few weeks and we encourage everyone to join early! Members can purchase individual or family plan packages. We only ask that family plans be limited to members of the household under your roof. Memberships only require a $25.00 application fee and the first months payment or annual payment and annual payments are discounted by one month. Payments can be set up on a reoccurring credit card payment or Pay Pal payment.

Members that join before the grand opening in January or those that have trained with us before will have the New Members Orientation and Safety Class fee waived and you can attend for free! This is a $150.00 savings.

Range Rules:

Last shot fired is 9PM. Please do not shoot past this time.

Be sure to collect all brass from the range and place in the brass buckets.

Be sure to collect all trash and debris and place in the trash cans before departing.

Be sure to secure the Conex boxes before departing.

Be sure the gate closes behind you before departing.

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Dec 20, 2020

This is going to be an amazing training center!


They will be available soon, very soon! Folks can actually sign up now or make donations to the foundation. We are going to make an official announcement as we get closer to grand opening that way members can access the facility and shoot!


Dec 02, 2020

Neither can I! Let's roll out those memberships.


Can’t wait!

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