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The Secure America Now Foundation is an advocacy and support group solely dedicated to securing American values, freedoms and liberties by educating citizens, law enforcement and private security personnel through improved and increased training. Our goal, is to garner support from likeminded patriots that seek to secure and protect our nation.

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To provide financial support and resources to enhance the safety,  welfare and training of our nation's first responders, private security and civilians. We wish to honor and support our nations peacekeepers who continue to make the supreme sacrifice for in the defense our country

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved" - Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Secure America Now Foundation and Training Center does not support any individuals and/or groups who are inspired by, or associated with, designated foreign terrorist organizations or nations (state-sponsored) or individuals and/or groups seeking to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.



Training Center Memberships 

Individual $50 / month

Family $75 / month

Guest Day Pass $30 / day

Adopt/Support $100/ month



Training Events & Courses

Thanks to generous donors and customers just like you, we are offering the following training events. Use the link in the event to RSVP and register for a course. If you are looking for private courses and training for your agency, department or church, please contact us via the Contact Us page.   



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  • Are you open to the general public?
    We are not open to the general public for daily individual training. However, all classes, monthly open range day and ladies open range day classes and special events are open to the general public. Attendees can RSVP and register for classes on the Events page. Those seeking memberships to the training center can find more details on the Programs page or contact us directly from the Contacts page.
  • How do I get a membership to the training center?
    Our members are the key element of what we do. Joining is as easy as selecting a plan on the Programs page that works for you. Simply select the plan you desire, submit the first installment along with a one time $25 application fee and acknowledge the terms and conditions. Be sure to download, print and sign the new member application and agreement form, sign or initial each page and include your banking information. Next, you will receive an email form the business manager and informed on the next scheduled new member orientation class. At orientation, your application will be reviewed, processed and your recurring bill pay will be setup via bank draft and you will be issued an access card to operate the gate. Members will be given a tour of the facility, range safety brief and orientation of range rules, do's and do not's and privileges.
  • Where are you located?
    The Secure America Now training center is located at 410 Nickerson Farms Road in Seguin, Texas. A map and link are on the Home page along with our contact information.
  • Can members bring non-members to the training center?
    Non-members are welcome however guest passes MUST be purchased BEFORE coming on to the property by visiting the Programs page and purchasing a guest pass. Non-members must acknowledge the terms and conditions, safety rules, range rules and release of liability. Guests MUST be accompanied by their host member at all times and the guest pass MUST be purchased BEFORE coming onto the property. Anyone found on the property without a guest pass will be removed. Please DO NOT steal from us, guest and member caught on the property without a guest pass will be in violation of the terms and conditions and removed immediatly for theft of service.
  • What does the training center consist of?
    The facility consists of: Range 1: Pistol paper only 25 yard 15-person training bay Range 2: Pistol paper and steel 50-yard 15-person bay Range 3: Pistol / Carbine paper and steel 50-yard 15-person bay Range 4: Pistol / Carbine paper and steel 100 yard range for 15 people Range 5: Carbine 100, 200 and 300 yard range Range 6: Carbine / Pistol 25-yard private pistol bays *20 person indoor classroom **3000 sq foot non-ballistic CQB/CQT training area Members are required to provide their own adhesive spray glue and white paint. Target backers, paper targets and steel targets are provided.
  • What does a family plan entail?
    Family plans are available for $75 a month and include immediate family members under the age of 21 living in the same household. The primary member(s) and custodians assume full responsibility for their family members and adults must accompany all juveniles under the age of 21. All other family members require an individual guest pass to access the property and they must be accompanied by the hosting family member or require their own individual plan.
  • What are your hours?
    Members get unlimited access to the training center from 9AM to 9PM daily too include weekends. Last shot is 9PM and personnel must be off the range by 9:15PM. DO NOT violate the times of operation or you could be subject to a loud noise violation from surrounding law enforcement and you will be violation the terms and conditions of operations.
  • Are you open to the general public?
    No, the facility is a member only training center


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