FAST: Fundamental Skills Assessment Test: Pistol

This is a three-hour pistol prep and assessment test of 7 core critical survival skills each shooter must know and be capable of performing. Shooters have three attempts at each individual assessment and the top score is recorded.

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Secure America Now Training Center, 410 Nickerson Farms Rd, Seguin, TX 78155, USA

About the Event

This is a four-hour pistol instruction and assessment test of 7 core critical survival and self-defense skills each shooter must know and be capable of performing. Shooters have three attempts at each of the seven individual assessments and the top score is recorded. An accumulative score is provided across the seven assessments and each shooter is awarded the belt they earned based upon the time bracket plus penalties they earned.

The test is instrumental in identifying areas the shooter excels in or needs to focus on improving. The test immediately identifies strengths and weaknesses which allows the shooter to focus on specific training areas. The test can be attempted as many times as necessary and attendees can retest several times in this 4 hour period. 

The test can be conducted inside the waistband/IWB concealed or outside the waistband/OWB concealed. Those shooting OWB with no concealment have a .5 sec per assessment time addition since they are OWB and not defeating a garment. 50 rounds of ammunition is required for each test. Shooters should bring 75 rounds for one test and 50 rounds for each follow-on test attempt.

/// Contact us directly at 713-873-1512 or to schedule your test. Tests can be conducted any weekday 5PM-9M or weekends, dependent upon scheduled classes. Test fee is $75.00 for 4-hours of one on one individual training  \\\

Attendee assumes full responsibility for his/her own safety and improper weapons handling skills.

All attendees MUST acknowledge the Release of Liability Waiver and Safety Brief prior to registering and paying.

Be sure to check out and sign up for your exclusive membership on the Programs page to the Secure America Now Training Center. Memberships are limited so get yours while you can.

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